Full Service Catering

Whenever there’s a reason for people to gather and eat

Two Lakes Catering in North Idaho, Click here to learn more about large sized event catering, Services such as Weddings, festivals, etc. 50-200 people.

Two Lakes Catering is a full-service off premise catering company servicing events up to 300 people. What does off premise catering mean? It means we don’t own an event space and that we bring the party to wherever you are.


Recipes customized for your event

At Two Lakes Catering we are devoted to creating unique, multi-ethnic, healthy and delicious food for every occasion. Our specialty services such as pig, lamb and salmon roasts allow us to create a menu that is custom to your event.


Traditional Spanish rice dish

Two Lakes Catering in North Idaho, click here to learn more about Paella, which is a traditional Spanish rice dish that is a composition of rice, proteins such as seafood, chicken, duck and rabbit, vegetables and the most important herb of all, saffron.

Two Lakes Catering, LLC is proud to be the only caterer in the area to provide authentic paella, on site. What is paella? Here’s wikipedia’s answer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paella.

Gift Certificates

The perfect gift of $50 or $100
Two Lakes Catering in North Idaho, Click here to learn more about sending a Two Lakes gift certificate to somebody you love

Gift certificates are now available and can be used for catering, private dinners, our eat-in dinners, guest chef nights, cooking classes as well as pantry meals. Certificates are in amounts for $50 or $100 and never expire.

Dine in Our Kitchen

Themed Dinners from around the world
Two Lakes Catering in North Idaho, Click here to learn more about dining in our private kitchen with the group of your choice

Come and join us for a private evening dining in OUR OWN kitchen. Our intimate dining space is the perfect mix of industrial chic and cozy eclectic, and hosts our cooking classes, our private theme dinners, and your private parties for up to 18 people.

Home Dining

Personal Chef & In-Home Fine Dining

Visiting North Idaho, Sit back and let us do the cooking while you visit with your friends and leave with multiple meals ready eat on those busy work nights.

There is a way for everyone to have a personal chef, SHARE one!  Grab a couple friends and or a couple neighbors and share the cost of a personal chef.

Mobile Roasting

Unique rotisserie roasting

Two Lakes Catering in North Idaho, Click here to learn more about the mobile roasting offered by Two Lakes

Two Lakes Catering uses a unique mobile roaster from Pig Out Roasters, a Canadian company. It’s stainless steel body is on a ‘wagon’ platform, electric powered with a propane rotisserie. The mobile roasting is completely clean and quiet.

About Us

Owned by a chef and registered dietitian

Two Lakes Catering, Click here to learn more about the services offered by Two Lakes Catering in North Idaho

Two Lakes Catering is a chef owned and operated catering operation based in Sandpoint, Idaho. The company opened in 2014 in Lake Chelan, WA with great success and has now permanently moved to Sandpoint.